The two questions your home page must answer

When new visitors hit your website’s home page, what impression do they get? Do they understand what you offer? Do they see something that interests them? Are they intrigued enough to contact you for more information?

If you want your website to pre-qualify sales prospects and encourage your ideal prospects to do business with you, your home page has to inform, engage, even delight. And it can’t do that if you don’t understand their expectations.

So, what do they expect? Here are the two questions new web visitors ask when they land on your home page:

Am I in the right place? Whether they came to your website from a search engine or typed in your address from your business card (you do have your URL on your business card, don’t you?), the first thing new visitors want to know is whether they’re in the right spot. Be clear about who you are and what you do.

Can these people help me? Here’s where a lot of websites fail miserably. A web page is not just an online brochure, it’s a virtual conversation. And the more conversational and needs-focused your home page is, the more powerful a marketing tool it becomes.

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