Making your words mean business

Quality B2B copywriting that turns ideal prospects into great customers​

Getting the attention of your ideal prospects has never been harder. Check out one of the solutions below for marketing and copywriting assistance that fits your budget and objectives. Whether you need copy for the web, email or print, I help you with words that sell.​


Don't know where to start?

Take advantage of the wealth of information available in the blog, or sign up for a free or low-cost e-course on such subjects as "Reaching the Marketing-Resistant Prospect" and "B2B Blog Roadmap."


Still planning your project?

I can help you come up with an editorial calendar for your blog, a plan for your website or email marketing campaign, or a budget and timeline for your printed marketing communications piece.


Know exactly what you need?

I offer fixed-price quotes for copywriting projects such as web pages, blog posts, autoresponders, print articles, and many more projects. Let's have a free 45-min. phone conversation about your project!