Guest Post: How getting your groceries delivered could make you a million dollar business owner

So I was sitting in a sushi place downtown one day, eating my usual Sesame Chicken with Tempura Vegetables, reading my USA Today, minding my own business.

And this caught my eye in the Money section:

Is Time Really Money? For These Millionaires, Yes.

And the more I read, the more intrigued I was.  So much so that I could hardly wait to get back to a computer and start a blog post.

Courtesy of Sylvia Browder, it’s now online.  Enjoy.

Deborah Savadra

Hi, my name is Deborah Savadra, and I write marketing copy for technology companies who sell to the legal industry. I have a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of South Alabama with a minor in Public & Corporate Communications, and I’m also a student in American Writers & Artists Inc.’s Accelerated Copywriting Program.

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Edge Girl - July 3, 2010

I remember when I used to have a service wash, dry and fold my laundry. I’d arrive home to a nice freshly delivered stack of clothes.

When you consider what you charge per hour versus the gas and time it takes to drive to the store and back–plus shopping time, it makes sense.

However, here in the small rural environment–the store is a big social hub and we don’t have the service because of the mountain terrain and low population demographics.

    Deborah Savadra - July 3, 2010

    We don’t have the service where I am, either – one of the more affluent zip codes had it for a while, but it got quietly dropped. About the closest thing we have is Sam’s Club’s Click-and-Pull service, which I’m seriously considering (no charge for it – no reason NOT to). Maybe when the new Publix opens up …

    But I really miss the days when I had weekly (and eventually semi-monthly) housekeeping service – man, it’s nice to come home to a freshly-cleaned house and not have the backache to go with it!

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