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Guest Post: How getting your groceries delivered could make you a million dollar business owner

So I was sitting in a sushi place downtown one day, eating my usual Sesame Chicken with Tempura Vegetables, reading my USA Today, minding my own business.

And this caught my eye in the Money section:

Is Time Really Money? For These Millionaires, Yes.

And the more I read, the more intrigued I was.  So much so that I could hardly wait to get back to a computer and start a blog post.

Courtesy of Sylvia Browder, it’s now online.  Enjoy.

Guest Post: Be more memorable at networking meetings

I’m a big fan of geeky “applied science” books.  You know the ones – Malcolm Gladwell, et al. – where they intersect some cultural or other phenomenon with scientific research for an “aha!” moment.

One of my long-term favorites is Daniel Goleman’s book Emotional Intelligence. And when the incident I talk about in this guest post happened, his explanation of how Broca’s Area in the brain functions to ration our capacity for attention came immediately to mind.

A big thanks to my friend Sylvia Browder for allowing me to riff on this idea in her sandbox.

Guest Post: “Tapping the Power of Story in Your Marketing”

Friend and colleague Sylvia Browder, the superwoman (Business Coach! SCORE Counselor! Mom to Five Kids!) who’s Project Director at the Women’s Business Center, Inc., has graciously added me as a Contributor on her blog ( Once my post goes live, check the comments below for a trackback.

If you own a small business (whether you’re a woman or not), you owe it to yourself to visit her blog regularly or, even better, add her RSS feed to your RSS reader (I use Google Reader) and get a steady stream of great advice from someone who knows her stuff.

(Oh, and I’m just going to say it out loud. I covet her house. Truly. Two words: Gaw. Jus.)

Update: Here’s a link to the post: