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Stay out of the spam nets

No question about it – spam filters are a good thing. At least when they’re protecting your inbox!

Often, though, legitimate email marketing messages can get caught in the net intended to screen out all of the junk.

While spam filter avoidance is becoming more complex every day, here are three tips to help your message get through:

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The Tenth Commandment of Ezines: Respect Internet culture

During last month’s “Building a Client Attractive Website” seminar, one of the attendees asked me a question that, coincidentally, tied rather nicely into this month’s commandment.

Briefly, she wanted to know why the copy on the website (which was designed to attract clients for a local business coach) used “I” and “me” rather than referring to the website owner in the third person by her first name or “she.” She felt the approach a bit too casual, not professional enough.

So why did I disagree – with confidence?

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The Ninth Commandment of Ezines: Watch thy numbers

Publishing an ezine can sometimes be a lonely business. You wonder if you’re delivering the kind of content your readers are really responding to. I occasionally get emails from readers saying they really enjoyed a particular issue or article. But I know that not everyone can take the time to give direct feedback.

So, what’s an ezine publisher to do?

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The Seventh Commandment of Ezines: Integration

If you want your ezine to be a great marketing tool, it has to serve your overall marketing objectives. Staying in touch with your market is important, but the information you give them should always be tied to a specific goal, whether it’s driving awareness of your newest (or most lucrative) offerings, publicizing a sales-boosting special offer, or showing off whatever unique expertise you have that sets you apart from your competition. Remember, you have their permission to market to them because they expect something useful from you.

And, thus, we come to our next commandment:

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